This is day 1. I start off by trying to establish a decent embouchure across the range, remove the fluffy start from the notes and get a clean octave jump from bottom C to middle C to top C and again from bottom B to middle B to top B. Listening back to this I was slighlty impatient, the sound isn’t clean and whilst I manage a few clean octave jumps I don’t feel that they’re consistent. This is something to watch in the coming days.

Today is major day and has two parts. I’m going to start at middle C and go up C major and down G major 7, trying to keep my embouchure as clean and consistent as I can. I’ve not played for a month and this shows on the more awkward keys. In general, aside from stupid fingering mistakes, I’m relatively pleased with the intonative. I’m paying for not waiting long enough in the previous section, however, and my attack is rarely clean. Some of this is slow valve movement which is something I can watch in future days.

I then bash out a few major scales. I’m not very pleased with accuracy or attach here.

The second section I practice 2 - 5 - 1 progressions in every key, starting from C major and adding a sharp each time. So the first run is D dorian ascending, G mixolydian ascending, then C major (ionian) ascending and descending. Again I’m not very happy with my attack’s here and that’s something I’ll to work on.

Day 1