I am a DevOps SME and Agile Coach. Equally comfortable driving a DevOps transformation at a strategic level, or effecting hands on implementation; the depth and breadth of my DevOps capability is unique. I have a background in Infrastructure and Solution Architecture, and over 15 years I have built up an expertise in SDLC and build chain optimization. I am equally comfortably in hands on and architecture roles and bring a pragmatic approach to process improvement and optimization to any project or organisation.

I take a particular interest in the development process, and encourage an approach which focuses on observation and continuous improvement. I have helped several large scale projects move to a “DevOps” approach; not only by embracing the necessary technology, but by recognizing rapid releases as a cultural and organisational change.

I am a fast paced worker and have been described as having “the kind of infectious enthusiasm around which people can’t help but deliver”. I am committed to the development of staff and colleagues around me and as such I have a history of leading and motivating teams through the most challenging of projects.

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